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The Ultimate Solution
for managing your swim school

Not just a tool, ASAP is a comprehensive solution
designed to help you run your entire organization more effectively

Specifically designed for large organizations

While ASAP provides powerful features for any swim school, it is especially effective for large organizations
with multiple locations and complex requirements. No other software can compete
when it comes to the power and flexibility required to run a large swim school.

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"It has saved us countless manpower hours, stress and telephone lines needed. I was able to go from receiving about 200 incoming phone calls per day for swim lesson registration to about 20, thanks to the use of ASAP.
My company uses ASAP in order to manage swim lesson registration across multiple locations throughout the Greater Houston area. Through some custom programming the staff at ASA were able to tweak their software to streamline participants into the registration for only their pool, and keep all other locations hidden, to eliminate confusion.
The support staff at ASA are very fast to respond and are tireless in their efforts to solve any problems that occur. So far, those problems have been the result of user errors, which the team has helped fix as needed.
With a web-based registration system, I have complete access from any location I am at so I can constantly make updates and changes to any registrations on the spot. The program features for ASAP are detailed and can give you as much information as you need in a variety of packages"

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Features You Will Love

  • Lesson Management
  • Activity Calendar
  • Custom Registration Forms
  • Group Class Management
  • Recurring Billing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Flexible Reporting & Analytics
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