The Most Comprehensive Private Lessons Software

Designed in consultation with industry leaders across multiple arts organizations and disciplines

  • Lesson Inquiries

    Manage the process of new inquiries and placement.

  • Scheduling & Enrollment

    Scheduling is easy for both instructors, administrators and registrars.

  • Lesson Modifications

    Easily add and remove lessons, change schedules, instructors, or times for any individual lesson. Even unschedule lessons as makeups to be scheduled at a later date!

  • Makeup Lessons

    Track cancelled lessons and easily schedule makeup lessons at any point.

  • Bulk Modifications

    Need to cancel or reschedule a group of lessons (by day/time/instructor/location)? ASAP makes it easy with our bulk modifications tools!

  • Attendance

    Track attendance by day, with unique attendance codes for excused, unexcused, instructor absent, and more. Also, instructors can track attendance directly from their phones using ASAP's Mobile Teacher's Assistant!

  • Rolling Lessons

    This ASAP-exclusive feature saves your staff countless hours while also providing a convenience for your students and families by simplifying the enrollment process between semesters.

  • Lesson Rosters

    Easily view and print lesson rosters by instructor, subject, and even level.

  • Multiple Rates

    Support for multiple fee tiers alows you to charge different rates for different instructors or types of lessons.

  • Lesson Packages

    Sell prepackaged groups of lessons directly online.

  • More...

    This is just the beginning of our Private Lesson features.
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